_____________ MOBILITY, DEATH AND INJURY _____________ 2018 New Mobility Master Class Session 3. (Draft for comment)

FB MC speeding cars school girls running at intersection

Paris, 22 Feb. 2018.

This draft posting is intended for informal peer review and critique in the context of a new international collaborative program of New Mobility Master Classes being planned for 2018-2020. The core text that follows is taken verbatim from Chapter 3 of John Whiteleggs well-received 2015 book Mobility A New Urban Design and Transport Planning Philosophy for a Sustainable Future. The remainder of the text for this session  (below) is still in process. It will shortly be completed with an introduction to the 2018  program by the editor who is serving as course leader, along with a short list of recommended reading (3-5 online references), the usefulness of machine translations, and a closing discussion and commentary by participants and visiting colleagues)

Contents (working draft)

  1. General introduction (2 parts)
  3. Conclusions
  4. Selected references
  5. About the authors
  6. How to obtain the book
  7. Translation
  8. Facebook
  9. Reader comments
  10. Last words

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Post Velo-City 2017 Op-Ed: On the need to re-connect cycling discourses with its core values

 –  Esther Anaya-Boig,  Doctoral researcher at Imperial College London

I have just returned from the latest Velo-city Global Cycling Summit organized this year in Arnhem-Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The best part of the conference experience for me was that it gave me an opportunity to catch up with so many old friends and making new ones who share my deep interest in cycling as a mobility form and as a social act.

I appreciate the hard work and good intentions of the many many people who have contributed and made this event possible. However upon considerable reflection on what I saw and heard during the three days of the conference and associated events, I would now like to share some views and reactions, with all due respect of course.
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SLOW CITY TRANSITION: NOTES FOR A THINKING EXERCISE _________ “We are the inventors of a new world , my Sir “ ____

FB SC - Groningen streetThe idea of slowing top speeds on traffic in the city to reduce accidents and achieve other important systemic benefits would seem like a pretty sensible, straightforward and affordable thing to do. For a lot of reasons.  Let’s have a look.

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