Op-Ed: The Walking Dead in Washington Edit

paul-gilding-the-walking-dead-op-edWe’re all focused on the drama and entertainment of Trump’s takeover of the world’s centre of military, security and economic power. For some it’s exciting and entertaining, for others terrifying and apocalyptic. I too have been glued to the news – at various times having each of those responses! But now I’ve come back to earth, recognising it all for what it is. Important, but a sideshow to a much bigger and more important game. And on reflection, I’m glad he got elected.

How can a Trump Presidency be positive? Surely this is a major setback – to action on climate change, to addressing inequality, to human rights and global security. Doesn’t it make the world a scarier and less stable place?  In isolation, all true, but in context, not so much. The context is the key.

By Paul Gilding, http://www.paulgilding.com/

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Sustainable Penang Civil Society Honor Roll


Dear Friends of a Sustainable Penang,

I am hard at work on a challenging book under the title BETTER CHOICES: Bringing Sustainable Mobility to Smaller Asian Cities, which is not about Penang, the focus being much broader. However, at one point in the book I intend to comment on some of the most interesting things I have observed that are being done in Penang via the internet and civil society in order to broaden the debate and inform both concerned citizens, government, the business community, policy makers and the public more generally. We call this The Third Force.

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(Weather watch): Ayres on Trump and Climate Change

Another morning in Delhi traffic: 3 November 2016

Several of my friends who follow my work have asked me to explain why Trump won and what it all means for the future. My first answer is that I have nothing interesting to say. It has all been said multiple times in multiple places – such as Reader Supported News. The trouble is that not enough people read RSN (and not enough people donate). Oh well, now the Dow is at an all-time high (at least it was a few hours ago) the small donors will come out and save the day .

Working draft

On the other hand,  now that Davos class neoliberalism has been  correctly blamed for the loss, I think it is time to think about how Trump the climate-change denier  will carry out his campaign promises. Is he going to put lots of ex-coal miners in West Virginia  back underground? Is that what they want? Do his voters want the sky over Detroit to look like the sky over New Delhi (or Beijing?)

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