Op-Ed. James Robertson on the New Economics Foundation’s 30th anniversary

  1. The 30th Birthday of the New Economics Foundation
  2. The Money Trap: What Brexit and Trump have in common
  3. First Brexit, Now Trump: What About Globalisation?
  4. Humans Causing Sixth Extinction Event on Earth?
  5. The UK Prime Minister Should Plan a Greener Britain
  6. A Lesson From Iceland
  7. Globalisation v Localisation


 * James Robertson: “Working for a sane alternative

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Mediating Heritage Conservation and Urban Development in Contemporary Malaysia


Cultural dissonance – Melaka


The more I thought about this question, and as I dug deeper into my research, it quickly became evident that there is a lot more to it than I had initially thought.

– Dr. Creighton Connally, Postdoctoral Fellow, Asian Urbanism Cluster, Asia Research Institute, NUS, Singapore

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Op-Ed: Reform Malaysia’s transport mess

malaysia penang heavy trafficThis Op-Ed has been contributed by Dr.Kua Kia Soon and provides an brilliant independent critical overview of what the title unambiguously suggests is “Malaysia’s transport mess”. While it examines the overall situation and climate from the vantage of Malaysia as a whole, it is no less relevant for the circumstances describing transport policy and practice in Penang. We thank him for his permission to publish the entire article as follows. This is an important piece to guide critical thinking and informed action in a sector which has been lagging badly and high costs to the citizens of Penang and Malaysia.

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