The Safe Streets Challenge: 2012 – 2015

After considerable and at times quite contentious discussions over the last months with colleagues around the world through various discussion fora, programs and personal visits, we have decided to make one of the principal themes of our work here at World Streets for the coming year that of Safe Streets.

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A “Street Code” for Porto Alegre

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Dear Porto Alegre and Brazilian Friends,

With all due respect, I propose that you give some thought to organizing to get strong citizen and multi-party support to exact “appropriate compensation” for Friday’s horrible, dumb and indeed tragic event on the streets of your beautiful city. I would imagine that this is an ideal opportunity to get something very important and far-sighed out of a shaken city administration. Time counts here. You should thus, be able to exact what you need today far better than just one week ago. Or a month or more from now once the heat has dissipated.
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Streetsblog: Doing its job in New York City. In memoriam 2010

Streetsblog: Doing its job in New York City. In memoriam 2010 Each year our friends over at Streetsblog in New York City publish a heart-rending testimonial to the mayhem that automobiles have wrought over the year on their city’s streets and the cost in terms of lives lost by innocent pedestrians and cyclists. Putting names, faces and human tragedy to what otherwise takes the form of dry numbers, faceless hence quickly forgettable statistics is an important task. We can only encourage responsible citizens … Read More

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