SLOW CITY TRANSITION: NOTES FOR A THINKING EXERCISE _________ “We are the inventors of a new world , my Sir “ ____

FB SC - Groningen streetThe idea of slowing top speeds on traffic in the city to reduce accidents and achieve other important systemic benefits would seem like a pretty sensible, straightforward and affordable thing to do. For a lot of reasons.  Let’s have a look.

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Report Extract: Penang Car Free Days

Extract from Ch. 5 of 27 Nov. 2013 report:
Sustainable Penang: Toward a New Mobility Agenda

5.1         Penang Car Free Days

CFD Function 1 – The Day: Penang is doing a fine job over the last several Malaysia Penang CFD ped 2013-logoyears in making creative use of the Car Free Day principle of closing off parts of the city to motor vehicle traffic so that people can celebrate their streets in any of a number of ways. And since the first Car Free Day in 2011 the concept has steadily expanded, both in terms of the number and size of the areas served, and in terms of their frequency.

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Rethinking Car Free Days in Taipei: Part II

Upon my return to Paris after a ten-day stint in Taiwan working with local colleagues in support of several on-going collaborative city projects there, and in particular in support of this year’s 10th anniversary Car Free Day program in Taipei City, I received the following letter from the Commissioner of  Transportation commenting on their follow-up and plans for the year ahead.  (Note:  For the first part of this report, click here.)  It is highly satisfying to see this steady expansion and achievement when it comes to innovation in support of more people-oriented initiatives and services. If you are looking for a good example from Asia, we suggest that you consider putting Taipei on your list.

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Rethinking Car Free Days in Taipei City

Your editor was kindly invited by Mayor Hau Lung-pin to come to Taipei City this year to discuss preparations for the celebration of the city’s tenth successive Car Free Day — and as part of this collaborative brainstorming process to draw on my experience of some seventeen years working with this, one hopes, transformative transportation approach in different cities around the world. Continue reading

Towards Car Free Cities. Guadalajara, Mexico, 5-9 Sept. 2011

The time to move towards carfree cities has come. We must come from the cities that we don´t know to the ones we belong to. Step by step moving onto the right way. To make a call up, to share this view and to open our own mind in order to have a better future for all of us, to find better ways to transport ourselves in a conscious way. It´s time to move on. Continue reading

Padre del Dia sin carro dice que en Bogotá ‘hay que ser más creativos’

Eric Britton advierte que esas jornadas en Bogotá no pueden seguir siendo “repetitivas”.

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Let’s make a Green Spring for China in 2011!

Dear Rory,

Let me try to summarize in a few lines the main points I just mumbled through in that first-rate exchange we had brainstorming on an eventual joint demonstration project, starting with your proposed “You’re better off by bike “Ciclovía” project for Zhuhai maybe for March. By the numbers: Continue reading