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It’s amazing what happens if you take a person of more or less average intelligencece, say me, and expose her or him for a couple of decades to (a) a single complex, interlocking  and important set of policy issues — and all the while and with what great luck (b) put them in frequent working contact with a couple of thousand bright, energetic and generous people in different parts of the work who share these concerns, each in their own way, and are not shy about sharing their views.  (I call this collection of people, by the way, our “invisible college”.)

In my case the consistent issues that absorb my time and thoughts are sustainable transport, sustainable cities and sustainable lives – all of which in the context of continuing attention to their needs of people like you, me and those we care for in our ordinary day to day lives.  And all this with consistent (there is that word again) priority attention to the important issues of environment, equity and social justice. My impression is that person after person, day after day, and year after year, and assuming you have a fair mind and some decent luck with your health, you can learn a lot and maybe even make a contribution here or there. It also makes, may I say, for a full and rewarding life. Recommended!

Eric Britton

For  more: (The following when clicked here call up their own windows)
* Click here for a more or less normal bio note
* Click here Britton’s personal mission statement
* Here for a brief caveat on my personal travel/CO2 budget since  1995.
* Here for a short intro to the various projects and programs that tie up much of my time
Here for some of short videos or extracts from full length films with some inputs from the author.
* And finally here, for a short essay in which the author talks about what he has learned in cooperating with team work projects in a very large number of places and circusmtances.

9, rue Gabillot   69003 LyonFrance
Tel. +336 5088 0787. Skype: newmobility E: eric.britton@worldstreets.org

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