A few videos with some Britton

Just to break the monotony of endless pages of print, here you can find a handful of short videos that I have made or been involved in,  in support of various projects, programs or people over the last several years. None of them will win an Oscar, but for anyone who might be interested they do give a flavor for my approach to the issues.

In several of these you find yourself confronted with the usual talking head, but most of the time my presence shows up here and there in the film as I try to make the link between the topic and our ultimate job, which is specifically and consistently to influence and guide the politics of transportation.

Here are the titles as they presently stand here, with a rough indication of the time each lasts. (The videos when clicked here are called up on their own page.)

* From bikeshare to carshare (5)

* Contested streets (5)

* Thirty seconds on sharing

* Introducing the New Mobility Agenda (2)

* The greening of Paris (3)

* New Mobility Kids – intro (1)

* BRT à la française (4)

* Happy birthday Velib (8)

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