The purpose of this short section is to introduce our visitors to a few possibly useful background items along with some relatively concise information on  the author of these dispatches and the work program and associated activities behind it.  As you run your cursor over About, you will see that it brings up a handful of sub-menus (see illustration here), each of which in turn can be clicked to call up addition sub-menus.

To cite an example: the uppermost menu item in this section is “About the author“, which in turn segues as you can see from the illustration into additional background as eventually useful. Each of the other menu items in that left-hand row do the same. You’ll see

A slight inconvenience of the menu system of this software is that unless I have been able to make  provision for calling up the content on an external window (not always possible sadly) you risk to get a bit lost and lose contact with the home page. For this one possible work-around is to call up Network Dispatches on two browser tabs, so that you can always click over to the main N/D site, without having to work your way backward step by painful step through a whole bunch of sub-windows. Sorry for the inconvenience but otherwise the whole thing is pretty straight forward.

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