(Weather watch): Ayres on Trump and Climate Change

Another morning in Delhi traffic: 3 November 2016

Several of my friends who follow my work have asked me to explain why Trump won and what it all means for the future. My first answer is that I have nothing interesting to say. It has all been said multiple times in multiple places – such as Reader Supported News. The trouble is that not enough people read RSN (and not enough people donate). Oh well, now the Dow is at an all-time high (at least it was a few hours ago) the small donors will come out and save the day .

Working draft

On the other hand,  now that Davos class neoliberalism has been  correctly blamed for the loss, I think it is time to think about how Trump the climate-change denier  will carry out his campaign promises. Is he going to put lots of ex-coal miners in West Virginia  back underground? Is that what they want? Do his voters want the sky over Detroit to look like the sky over New Delhi (or Beijing?)

The optimists on CNBC say that maybe he will appoint smart advisors who will keep him from building the $25 billion wall, rounding up 11 million (or only 2 million) illegal immigrants or imposing a 35% tariff on Chinese goods. I must say, I like the idea of making Apple produce all its i-phones in the US, but I wonder how he will force them to do it. And how he will force the Chinese to buy them.

Yes, the Republicans will surely cut taxes, which means cutting taxes for the rich (again). Then the beneficiaries of his tax cuts can afford to stay in his 5-star hotels and play golf in his golf courses.  He will try to privatize social security (that will fail) and defund Obamacare (meaning the subsidies). I wonder if his disaffected aging white ex-factory workers will  get better health care from the hospital ERs than they do now.

The real puzzle is how super-rich alpha males with loud voices succeed in persuading so many non-rich people to vote against their own best interests. We have 4 more years to ponder that question.

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