World Streets Reader: 2014

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The 2014 edition of the World Streets Reader is now in process with a targeted publication date of summer 2014.  We are presently working to introduce, order and quickly edit the finally selected articles that you will find at .

The intent is to produce a low cost (less than ten Euros) for a handsome print version, and, say, one Euro for a nicely readable e-version). The book is being carefully formatted to make a comfortable read on your iPad, tablet or smart phone. A good companion for your next train or plane trip. Or just to be paged through and read comfortably installed in your armchair.

Organized by theme, including: Mission, New Mobility Agenda, The Battle of Ideas, the planet, equity, complex systems, strategies, gender, speed/slowth, Big House, Zetabytes, worst practices, musings, doodling, Going Dutch, busy mayors, car free, sharing, continuity, “better than car”, universal access, social space, “free” public transport, haiku, rural transport, economic instruments, land use, civil engineering/environment, deep democracy, behaviour/choices, tramway named, mental maps, pattern recognition, smaller Asian cities, civil society, deep democracy, media, listening to those who do not agree with you, selling sustainability, In Memoriam (2), and a few more, including winning!.

Aimed to provide a good read and reminder for our five thousand-plus signed-in World Streets readers, distinguished international colleagues and work partners, planners, researchers, students, local government, NGOs, local associations, and other engaged citizens open to new thinking about people and transport in cities.

*  The above cover page is a mock-up intended to guide the cover designer For the final. Image credit: Photograph: Giorgio Fochesato/Getty Images/Vetta

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