Report Extract: Penang Car Free Days

Extract from Ch. 5 of 27 Nov. 2013 report:
Sustainable Penang: Toward a New Mobility Agenda

5.1         Penang Car Free Days

CFD Function 1 – The Day: Penang is doing a fine job over the last several Malaysia Penang CFD ped 2013-logoyears in making creative use of the Car Free Day principle of closing off parts of the city to motor vehicle traffic so that people can celebrate their streets in any of a number of ways. And since the first Car Free Day in 2011 the concept has steadily expanded, both in terms of the number and size of the areas served, and in terms of their frequency.

As of summer 2013 there are now four areas in the city which are car free on Sundays, a major step ahead with this often underrated sustainable transportation tool. We strongly recommend that this program of extensions and refinements be given careful attention both at the level of the concerns government agencies, and also civil society and the media more generally.

CFD Function 2 – The Year: The second function of a Car Free Day from the beginning of the program in 1994 is to encourage participating cities to choose one day of the year for the principle celebration and at that time both to set out a number of proposals for specific mobility and life quality improvements to be achieved in the year ahead. And then, one year later, to review the results of the proposed projects and to discuss their achievements, eventual shortcomings and barriers holding them back.

We strongly recommend that a procedure now be developed and put in place to help the organizers prepare and present their action plan of sustainability measures for the year ahead, and the reporting procedures that need to be established to ensure compliance [1]

alaysia Penang CFD ped 2013

* The full report is available here:

[1] Penang continues to honor their annual State-wide Car Free Day celebration in the context of World Car Free Days which are traditionally held the last days of September.  This could provide a very good forum for some form of cooperation and creative interaction with the proposed annual Symposium On State and Sustainability of the Environment in Penang

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