Support World Carshare 2013/2014

Make it happen:

As you can well imagine, there is quite a bit of work that goes into a worldwide pen-guestbookcollaborative  program at this level of ambition, and to achieve the level of results that this important policy topic deserves we need help. This can take any of several forms:

1. Reports: Provide us with balanced analytic profiles of carshare development and prospects in places  (city, country, region) or reporting on programs, approaches or technologies for which  you have direct information and insights.  (You will already see a number of such contributions that are coming in, for which we are all most grateful.)

2. Critical reviews: Critique, improve and extend as possible profiles in areas in which you have expertise. (This can be done wither directly on the site as Comments, or via email to

3. Provide financial support. This can either be via a one-click personal donation in an amount which you are comfortable with . . or possibly some form of institutional support for the overall program, which we have had good luck to benefit from in the past under this program by the Swedish government, the US Department of Transportation and the European Commission.

– – > Please click here for guidance in making a direct contribution in US Dollars by PayPal , credit card or check.

– – > And here if you prefer to make your contribution in Euros.

* Further background on contributions and procedures online here.

Thank you.

Eric Britton, MD and Editor

eb-about the editor - 18oct13


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