Poynton Regenerated: A transformative Shared Space project

The regeneration of Poynton Town Centre and its high street, Park Lane, involved a bold approach to the busy traffic intersection in Fountain Place. Martin Cassini’s short film documents the background to the project, and the dramatic changes in the fortunes of Poynton, and explores the implications for other towns and cities struggling to cope with the impact of traffic.

For more on the project behind this film contact the project manager:

Ben Hamilton-Baillie
Hamilton-Baillie Associates Ltd
32, Kingsdown Parade
Bristol BS6 5UF UK
Tel: 0117 942 7337
Mobile: 07968 774 280

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World Streets on Sharing and Equity

The core value, the constant target in all we do and support at World Streets from the beginning is the concept of equity. Which in a world of seven billion hungry people boils down to the importance of our all finding ways to get a lot better at sharing: in our case, sharing transport, sharing streets, sharing public spaces. It is in this context that we are pleased to share with you this video.

Here are a few related references from our work that may be useful if you wish to pursue this further:

From World Streets:

Working sites on Facebook:

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About the editor:

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