Before cars ruled the road

europe mixed traffic circa 1950

# # #

Vintage photo thanks to Christian Metraux, Michael Ronkin and Shreya Gadepalli – before cars ruled the road. Circa 1950 is his guess. Mine is that this is that this is somewhere in France.

And my question, without falling into the trap of nostalgia:  Were those less happy days?  Really?



2 thoughts on “Before cars ruled the road

  1. Fascinating to see what appears to be a Mochet Velocar. I remember seeing quite a few Citroen Traction Avants on holidays in France in the 1970s. The bicycle-towed caravan looks interesting, although from experience, I really don’t like the effect high-hitches for trailers have on bicycle handling.

    The Citroen Traction Avant (next to the Gendarme), features an extended boot, which apparently first-appeared in the Autumn of 1952. It is notable that the paint seems to be in rather better condition than the most distant CTA.


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