WPD – Pedestrian overpass in Manila Philippines

(From the World Streets Worst Practices Department)

philipines-manilla-ped bridge

Dear Eric: This is a great idea, thanks for hosting the “worst practices” page.  It would be great to develop this to the point that it actually embarrasses people to take action on some of these worst-case practices.

As a small contribution, I am attaching some rather embarrassing images of the footpath that is situated directly in front of the Asian Development Bank in Manila.

Best regards, Lloyd Wright

philipines-manilla-ped bridge-2

# # #

Editor’s comment:

Thank you Lloyd. You have it right on the button.  In the hope that “name to shame” will help avoid these well-intentioned half-baked initiatives, often if not  always with great good intentions.  My hope is that it may in time prove useful to planners and public interest groups, to give them ammunition to fight seriously bad initiatives in their cities. Strength in numbers!







WPD – Pedestrian overpass in Manila Philippines


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