mexico pedestrian bridgeWorst Practices Department: Grand Opening

You have of course heard about that reassuring phrase “Best Practices”, a noble concept for sure but one which reflects the value set of those who decide to include them in their personal pantheon. Well, this is not about “Best Practices”. as you will shortly see.

The  World Streets Worst Practices Department (also known as the Learning from Stupidity Department . . .  maybe) has its place in World Streets and the world more generally because when it comes to transportation there has never been a shortage of flakey ideas.

But what we are looking to draw attention to here are not just the little stuff that may be the joy of an intrepid inventor or group of supporters, but the kinds of wrong-headed mega projects that often keep popping up in many parts of the world, sold hard by their sponsors and (if I may) fellow travelers -;). And always somehow ending up with an inevitable  call for taxpayer support of their great idea.

You are invited to pitch in, drawing what you believe to be zany, even pernicious ideas and projects to our attention. What is surprising is just how many of them are, and how hard it is for some of the worst and most costly ideas (they often go together) to be put to death in a peaceful way.

The goal here is neither to attack any of the individuals nor the groups behind these projects. It is about bad, even ugly ideas, and that’s all. We leave it to the reader to put together their own picture of what is going on.

Perhaps the WPD can make a modest contribution to keeping the debate on track – cleaner, better, affordable and more efficient mobility today. Welcome aboard the leaking ship Worst Practices.

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cow* World Streets’ Word Practices Department has been online on Facebook at since 2011. We intend from now on in to try to make sure that all postings will appear on both sites, since some of our subscribers here prefer not to use Facebook (and rightly so!) .

Example in an email received this weekend:

Until recently I have been able to see most Worst Practices posts without having to become a member of Facebook, but this no longer seems to be possible. Why can’t you put all these posts on your World Streets site which everyone can access without having to become a member of anything ?

Done  Simon.

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Worst Practices Department: Grand Opening


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