Awards, Commendations & Honors for World Streets: Lights, Camera, Action!

eb-testing 1 2 3A word from the editor:

Might you have an idea for us in this?  I  figure we “need” to have some reasonably current and notable  recognitions, honors or awards to support my  attempt to get foundation or other support for my new book in progress: “The Third Transportation Revolution: A tale of cities, indolence, complexity and . . .  simplicity”.

The fact is that I have accumulated a fair number of such honors for my work over the years, but some of them are getting a little long in the tooth and the perspective of my book is, after all, this second harshly challenged decade of this almost new century. As anyone who knows me  can well imagine, I have not the foggiest idea of how if at all this might work. But here you have it – I thought I would give this outreach note a try.


Normally to obtain one of these prestigious awards in recognition of one’s particular  contributions, there is a procedure whereby a person, committee or organization of some sort oversees the process, and then creates  a routine for people who wish to make nominations. That is basically  what I have in mind here.

My “problem” is that the overall strategic approach that I support in World Streets and elsewhere in my work does not line up all that well with the principal sources of money behind many of the more prosperous programs and the awards in the “sustainable transport” field, by which I mean of course the leading edge of the oil/energy and the transport/automobile industries. They are looking for mainly technology and other solutions that SPECIFICALLY permit us to “advance” WITHOUT CHANGING THE CRITICAL NEXUS OF THE PROBLEMS that we collectively pose and face, i.e., ourselves and our daily choices and actions. Our “XXX way of life”  if you will (fill in your country of choice).

Now this should not be taken to identify me as someone who regards these important institutions  in purely negative terms. To the contrary and far from it, you and I both know that they are an indispensable part of the solution. Often in the past they have been important clients for our consulting and advisory work. But the path we need to INITIATE RIGHT NOW  may not be the one that they are currently favoring. To sum up: we are working at different levels of urgency and  impatience. Aye, there’s the rub.


Candidates? Not really clear in my mind at this point. What would be ideal would be if some city, university, public agency, NGO, local civil society group, project, media  or other that I have worked with would spring to the rescue. Even if they have to make up the award — no problem as long as it is consistent with their charter and approach.


As far as individual accolades and support are concerned, we and I are richly served. You can find on World Streets an earlier article reporting on what 101 readers have had to say over the last three years about the importance of our contribution–   at Very useful and very much appreciated, but I think in this case we need to step beyond that.

Even possibly something as relatively simple for YOU to do as to send us a short note in which you express your views of the usefulness, the originality  of what we are trying to achieve. Signed and dated if possible. Then if we could get enough of these in the hopper, we may have less trouble in catching the attention of the foundations and other eventual sources of support for the book and the work already in progress  behind it.


If you like I will be pleased to  send you a copy of the work plan for the book. and in case you have not yet seen them I have posted on World Streets our work/publication plan for 2013 at and a statement of our projects, etc. intentions for our advisory/consulting/teaching  work over the year ahead at (Or my bionote at

Thank if you have any ideas on this. But that apart, and above all,  my very best wishes to you and those you love for the year to come.

Eric Britton
E.  T. +336 5088 0787  S. newmobility

# # #



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