Collaboration, working partnerships and networking: 2013

pen-paperOne way of looking at World Streets and its partners, multiple networks, continuing research and professional activity in our chosen field is to see it as the tip of a very large “iceberg” of experience and competence which can be put to work on your projects and programs. By making use of and supporting our consultancy and advisory services, you are also helping us to fund and carry on with the free journal. Here are some of the ways in which this competence can be put to work in collaboration with others.

CONSULTANCY/ADVISORY  SERVICES. You can call in our specialised strategic consultancy/advisory capabilities at key intervals to brainstorm,  cross-check, review, support and even sell your new project or plan. On a confidential in-house basis or as an open public review. (Experience shows that we are most useful during (a) the initial scoping and planning stages, (b)  strategic intervals for mid-term reviews and suggested fine-tuning; (c) on-line consultation and discussion as the project moves ahead, and (d) project launch.  Then it can be helpful in some cases if there are occasional (but not too often) periodic reviews and commentaries.  But the point is that our services are useful in small strategic doses and cannot substitute for the technical capabilities that will be critical to make sure your project succeeds. )

* MEDIATION AND NEGOTIATION. Moving from traditional to sustainable practices in the transport sector can often be a divisive experience for a community.  And there are times when a neutral outside voice and more complete dialogue can help lower the temperature to reach a better level of social consensus, harmony and finally, better performing systems.

* JOINT PROJECTS. Joint projects/program support in collaboration with some of the most capable NGOs, university programs, local associations and consultancy groups working in these areas. Again, in these cases our inputs are strategic and complementary to the technical core of the project or program.

* TRAINING.  We work with clients to organize in-house training programs in our areas of acknowledged competence, lasting several days or up to 2 weeks.

* PRESENTATIONS. Public presentations or keynote speeches in support of your conferences or events.

* CONFERENCES.  You can bring us in to help you organise significant conferences or events on the broad theme of sustainable transport, but with tightly focused high profile themes and some of the most recognized innovators and authorities in the field.

* MASTER CLASSES. We organise Master Classes for young professionals and university students in the various areas in which we work. Get in touch and we can talk about it.

* CITY TOURS. We organise and lead study tours and missions in Europe, looking into some of the leading cities,  projects and innovations in our field.

* MEDIA.  Sometimes it can help to have a respected external voice to explain and comment projects, programs and strategies to and with the media.

* LIBRARIES. You can contact your library, agency or firm and ask them to sign up for an annual subscription.

* ENCOURAGE your city, public agency or private sector group to support World Streets.

* AWARDS. Consider recommending us to a foundation or eventually an award program for outstanding contributions in our field.

* BOOK SUPPORT. Foundation, university, think-tank  or other support for my book in progress – The Third Transportation Revolution: A Tale of Cities, Indolence, Complexity and . . .  Equity. (Key sections, themes of the book are being presented and reviewed in conferences and presentations over 2013/20113. Get in touch for schedule.)

As I move ahead on this project I am increasingly impressed by what Benjamin Disraeli had to offer on the subject almost two hundred years ago: The best way to become acquainted with a subject is to write a book about it.

Eric Britton,
Managing editor

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About the editor:

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