New Mobility Agenda website updating in process

The New Mobility Agenda at  has been active since 1988 as a collaborative international network project, and, while evolving steadily  in many respects over all these years, has from the beginning stuck to its central focus of sustainable transportation and social justice. And within that carefully defined frame  the search for new ideas, examples  and approaches for the politics of transport in cities.

Over the last three years our primary communications medium has shifted from this historic website that has been in constant operation since 1996, to other means of communications and sharing. And as we look ahead to the new year and the challenges it will bring, we are giving thought as to how, if at all, to retrofit and improve the old friend that you see here.

In the meantime you see just  to the right here the menu which links to the historic content and clues, while at the top of this page you will see the menu with a series of links that take you to the most current media that have taken over this central communications function.  Possibly the best was to get into the new media, will be to inspect the top left column of World Streets at, where you will find a detailed listing of all the programs and projects that constitute the New Mobility Agenda today and in the year ahead.

Likewise, a good way to dig into the current state of the art is via the main Facebook site at, which in turn will take you to additional Facebook fora focusing as you will see on specific  places, issues and approaches.

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