What do you think the mayor is thinking about when you walk through the door this morning to talk to her about that very important transport issue?

When I or anyone else with a transportation issue in the front of our brain, walks into City Hall  to talk to the mayor about the important topic which bring us into her office, here is what we implicitly assume is her dominant concern behind these exchanges:

If only it were so.

But if we took a good look at her appointment book for the week and the groaning pile of documents on her desk, we would see quite a different story emerging, namely that there may be some significant difference in the way we each are approaching the matters we are hoping to discuss and get a mutually satisfactory decision on this morning.

Here more likely is what the mayor has in mind when she welcomes us into her office.

Hmm, that is kind of complicated. (How long did it take you to actually locate the transportation function in this diagram? Lower right if you missed it?)

What’s the point? The point is . ..

The Politics of Transportation

So, if we, as would-be agents  of change, will take the time to understand that the transportation function can possibly occupy no more than a couple percent of the mayor’s time and attention, it may help us to present our ideas in a way that will appeal more to the overall job and concerns of the hard-working people occupying the important decision-making positions in our communities.  And at the same time allow us to achieve one small step after another start to advance the sustainability agenda, in our sector and in all the rest.

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