A World Streets Mindmap

This mindmap intends to present in blink-of-an-eye form  a jumble of values, goals, concepts, tools, measures, policies and hopes.  It is, by nature of the process it introduces, complex, many-sided and totally interdependent. Each of these words or phrases  is a story and a challenge in itself , and of course — unless I find time and support one day to put it into book form — far too much for people to read in a single World Streets article.

So for now I have to start with these words, and let the active minds of our friends and colleagues around the world at least in part to  fill in the blanks.

And in this noble cause (ahem) we will continue to use World Streets and the various associated tools and sites to fill in even more blanks.  With the help of our authors and contributors and associates worldwide.


2 thoughts on “A World Streets Mindmap

  1. is this really a map? Does it show the connections between the terms or only the frequency (by font size)?

    In any case it would be interesting to see the “map” if could you drop out the self-referential terms like World Streets and New Mobility Agenda.

  2. Well, sharp eyes, that is the point of the entire exercise. The New Mobility Agenda is the approach that we have been working on every day in many parts of the world since 1988 when we fist started to “get it”. And World Streets (and the others in that cantankerous concatenization) are the means of communications and assembly of the rest.

    Is it all mixed up? You bet, just like the real world. But behind every one of those words there is a great depth of thought and experience (“technical virtuosity”), that I and others are prepared and equipped to defend and justify. Take my favorite for example, our “1% solution”, “carsharing”. The well formed mobility policy for a city should have this entirely thought out and integrated into the rest in a mature and practical manner. (It is not all that hard, but how many such cities are you aware of who have succeeded in just this one part of the greater whole? A lot? Well, if that is the case I can retire. Whoopie!)


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