Why are we losing the war on sustainable transport, sustainable cities and sustainable lives?

There are of course quite a number of reasons, but one of them is NOT that we do not have sufficient knowledge and experience in order to figure out and implement effectively a very large number of measures and policies, each of which one step at a time will draw us just one bit more close to our much needed goals. So that is definitely not our problem.

Where we are fatally weak is in terms of common sense, getting out of the box, civism, daring, and with that our ability to sum up and communicate so that we have a strong majority on our side. (Not the case up to now as you may have noticed.)

You have to admit — it’s 2012 and when it comes to the sustainability agenda we are not only ineffective, and almost always boring — because we are communications-lite.  That’s a disgrace.

Now communications is not — surprise! — all about more reports, speeches, guidebooks, memos,  conferences, wish lists, manifestos, treaties, promises or even laws or great articles on World Streets. It has a lot to do with feel and flair.  And culture, in all its many splendid variants.

Let’s take a look at how one talented guy tells us something about bike lanes and our attitudes toward them.

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About the diver:

Casey Neistat  is an unusual and unusually creative man. Working out of New York City he is  a film director, producer and creator of wildly popular films and  videos. You can find more on him at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casey_Neistat

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About the editor:


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