Helsinki: Main events and project schedule

The Helsinki open dialogue of the potential for (more) equity-based transport is taking place in six main stages, engaging as full partners  a broad range  of Civil Society groups as well as representatives of both public and private sector from both center city and outlying areas, with the core work and events taking place in the city over the month of March.  As of this date the main project benchmarks look like this

  1. 15 to 29 February.  Laying the base.
    Verification of theme and strategy, team organization, development of work plan, initial contact suggestions for interviews and workshops, events, schedules, and basic supporting documentation and organisational/logistical support for Focus Workshops, Master Classes and media presentations
  1. 1 to 14 March.  In-place preparations and testing.
    Initial outreach program and finalization of both English and Finnish language documentation.  Team-building, logistical and support arrangements with a broad cross-section of individuals, groups and programs working in sector.  Laying the base for the Focus Workshops (approx. 15 – 20 invited groups spanning a broad range of interests, concerns and needs). and the three closing Master Classes.  (Click here to get an idea of the organisations to be contacted for the project.)
  1. 15 to 27 March.  Focus Workshops. 
    Presentations, discussions, interviews, site visits and conversations with key groups and interests in the greater Helsinki area.  (Workshops also lay the ground work for Focus presentations to be made by each invited group in the Master Classes.)
    Media presentations, interviews
    Continuing contacts with even wider range of key interest groups, as well as review sessions with teams responsible for organizing the ongoing programs generating the Helsinki Master Plan, Metropolitan Area Transport  System Plan and the Program  for Promoting Cycling in Helsinki.
  1. 21 to 23 March.  Invitational three-day Master Class.
    Held in the auditorium of the Department of City Planning and Transportation, with the formal presentations and public discussions running from 09:00 to 11:30 each day, followed up by continuing private discussions and exchanges with the team over the remainder of those days.
    * Session 1: Equity and Transport.
    * Session 2. Equity and Transport in Helsinki.
    * Session 3. Strategic responses at project and overall systemic levels.
  1. 27  March.  Public presentation and discussion of findings and recommendations.  Organized in the auditorium of the Department of City Planning and Transportation, both to report on main mission findings, and seek further information and views to be included in the final report and recommendations. discussion of next steps.
  1. 29 March to 13 April.  Report drafting, internal review with limited distribution to external reviewers. Report finalization and submittal to the City of Helsinki on 13 April 2012. 

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