Is what we want “Smart Cities” Or . . .

This will take some patience and will interest only those who wish to have a better feel for what we mean by the “New Mobility Agenda”.  Arm yourself with patience, coffee, tea or wine and find a comfortable place to sit. (And oh yes, your critical comments, suggestions, proposed corrections, better explanations, and yes your counter arguments are most welcome. After all, that’s what this is all about.) Now, off we go.

This was my first draft take as a step toward preparing my keynote speech slated for 2 Dec. 2011 for the Smart Cities Expo and Congress of Barcelona, which was introduced in a World Streets feature article of 24 November at The address of the Barcelona event is The full text of my address under the title “The New Mobility Agenda: Come Argue with Me”, can be found at then easy to remember address of

This working draft video is far too long, a bit personal and rambling, and basically just a testing run for the ideas that I finally tried to streamline and present in my talk a week later. , But I have just had a careful look and find that it’s not so bad – so if you are at all interested in the thinking behind our New Mobility Agenda efforts, you may with a little patience find some use in spending a bit of time with it. Though I suggest first that you should be comfortably seated and if possible have a nice cup of tea or a bit of white wine to keep you company in this late night ramble.


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