Do you cycle in your city? If so would you mind . . .

. . . taking a minute to share with us in 2 or 3 pensive lines your main reasons for getting out on the street with your bike.  To accomplish this all you have to do is to click to the informal World City Bike Forum which you can find on Facebook here .  Here are a few samples to get you in the mood:

Ian Perry ‎- I cycle in the Netherlands because it’s social, fun and convenient
– I cycle in the UK to make a point, and prove my bravery.

Hans MoorI cycle in Canada to stay warm.

Eneko Oraintxe I cycle in Spain and wherever I go simply because I don’t understand a city without a bike to go around it. No matter if it has infrastructure or culture.

Angela van der Kloof  I cycle in the Netherlands because, uuhh, well, why not?

Sabine LettryI cycle in Barcelona because it’s a good way to get in touch with the town, the people and also the nature.

Zvi Leve I cycle in Montreal because it is fast, fun, and easy. And it is a great way to experience the city from a human point of view (ie using all the senses and not moving at high speed)

Latrinus Emmer I cycle in Stellenbosch because it saves money and time, is good for may moral, and influences people, over time. Each morning my son and I ride 15 min to school. In a town that used to burst with cyclists, we now have 10 bikes parked at his school – out of a possible 600.


Now it’s up to you to share your why. Again you can either click to, or alternatively Comment directly here — you’ll see the link right under the title to this posting.

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11 thoughts on “Do you cycle in your city? If so would you mind . . .

  1. I don’t do facebook.

    I ride because it’s cheaper than owning a car, and faster than relying on public transit, and it “saves me time”–at least 30 minutes/day–which I can use to do other things. Plus, presumably there are health benefits. I am not organized enough to join a fitness center and go there regularly, but if I leave only enough time to get somewhere by bike, then I have to get there by bike to get there in time, and I get exercise simultaneously.


    I cycle in Sonoma County, California to get off my butt after a day plopped in front of the screen, working, and also to show the flag, make a political statement, and take back the roads from the car. I figure that the more I ride, the more others will see me and the more they will be inspired to do the same. A longshot, sure, but it’s a good thought. And often, I have a vision of what a quiet, gentle, peaceful world it would be if everyone were riding bikes instead of cars. It sounds a bit sappy, but this is as close to a vision of what a state of grace might be like as I’ve ever experienced.

  3. I cycle in Brisbane and at the Sunshine Coast partly because it is increasingly more convenient than finding a car park but also to make the point to politicians in particular that cities are much more than for cars to speed to and through … cities are for people to enjoy.

    Michael Yeates Brisbane Australia

  4. For almost forty years I commuted 8 or 10 miles round trip, depending on where I lived, to and from Boston on a three-speed bicycle, all year and in all weather. My reasons? Bourgeois about exercise, i.e., I do it for reasons other than exercise itself (which is a bore)–health, car commute expensive and traffic-jammed, slight claustrophobia in crowded subway, and enjoyment of my own thoughts alone. Riding in the city is in my experience much less dangerous than in the country, where cars whiz by two or three times faster; in the city speed is restricted by heavy traffic, intersections at every block, and frequent traffic lights. Bicycle commuting is one thing about work that I miss.

  5. I ride my bike because I need to get somewhere, and the bike is the right vehicle for the trip. I have thought about it and can think of no exceptions to that rule.

  6. I cycle everywhere I go, from Santiago Chile where I live, through Monterrey Mexico and Bogotá, which I’ve recently visited, and Toronto where I spend several months a year studying. I do it because it’s free and I have a low income, because it keeps me healthy and happy, and because it’s the best way to really get to know a city, even when you’re just there for a quick visit. Thanks for the interest and the other posts!

  7. I cycle in Sydney because I like cycling. I like cycling because it is good for your health, environmentally friendly, hassle free parking and you get to see so much more.

  8. I cycle in Sydney because it’s much faster than driving (=standing in road when it becomes parking lot) + finding park space. Not even mentioning environment/health issues, just healthier mentally.

  9. I cycle in Melbourne because it’s by far the nicest and most convenient way to get around. The main thing is to find the roads that have good cycling routes and there are more and more of them. Plus, it’s more social – last week while at the traffic lights we felt the cool change come in and I was able to turn to my cycling neighbour and say ‘wow, that cool breeze feels good after a hot day’. You’d never get that in a car.

  10. I cycle in Quito because the different sites, colours and smells you can find in every corner. Besides that, being at 2.800 meters above the sea, makes cycling a different experience.

  11. I cycle on Sanibel Island FL, often because with one main thoroughfare crammed with vacationers’ cars, the almost 30 miles of bike path here make it the only way to go. I do at least 10 miles a day, to a rec center where I swim or a culture center where I teach and consume “kulcha”….only problem @ 74: cars turning in and out of driveways on the island, esp. restaurants; vacationers speeding along trying to maxmize their vaca time & $$$. defensive cycling a must!


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