Nova Mobilidade – Short interim progress report

A short interim progress report on the attempt to lay the base for a Nova Mobilidade peer network in Portugal

We started on this in early April. The idea was and is to see what might be done to create a common thinking, exchange and maybe even doing network – starting with, let’s say for the moment, something like (admitting that thus far it is only an empty box) and our little Facebook Group Nova Mobilidade (Pense diferente!). This last already has 71 participants at

Again, the goal is to see if we can find a way to bring together, say, one hundred qualified people, young and old, who are thinking about these matters of new mobility from a number of different perspectives in more innovative and effective ways for cities across Portugal – to give them a stronger voice both at the national and local levels. A voice which thus far is largely missing. .

We are already making modest progress with this 71 first participants, and I really believe there is something to build on shaping up there.

And by way of clue, please find attached the latest map identifying the points of origins of readers in from Nova Mobilidade.

By way of context the following map reports reader origins from our more established sister publication in Italy, Nuova Mobilità (which has been on line for more than a year).

And here is the least of cities in Portugal from which people have consulted N/M (in order of their frequency of consultation).

Lisbon – 30% Porto – 17% Guimarães – 15% Prime – 5% Belas – 4% Tamar – etc.
Vila Real Linda-a-velha Parede Macedo De Cavaleiros Moreira Matosinhos Caparica Barreiro

You comments and suggestions more than welcome. After all, this is your project.

Now what?

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