PRT proposal for Delhi convinces Chief Minister

Couple of quick week-end remarks on this group think exercise, if I may?

1. Well, it certainly kicked some life into our group.

2. Not only that, it strikes me that no matter how bizarre the topic (and PRT is indeed pretty bizarre), these exchanges dig usefully into some of the important corners of the continuing policy debate.

3. Another striking thing has been the great tenacity of our PRT friends. Please understand that I do not wish to insult them – because there are a fair number whom I have known for years, including going back in the days of our first studies of PRT back in the early seventies; so you have to admire their tenacity. However their strong unbending nature in the face of the evidence, year after year, decade after decade draw to mind the behavior in Russia of the embattled "Old Believers", who were ready to undergo any form of torture, firm as they were/are (since they still exist) in their faith. Again, you can see their comments and challenges in more detail, which I believe provide more evidence of their deep commitment..

4. And what do you think about the willingness to stuff the ballot boxes, to the extent that today the World Streets poll shows that 60% of those who voted have a favorable view of PRT? To me there is something that is kind of touching about this willingness to "do what it takes" to defend their bastion. And all the more since we live in a time and with technology that permits even a moderately able geek to trace the sources with unfailing accuracy. (I have to say that this does not make me mad, but it does make me grin. At least a bit.)

5. Early next week I will close down the poll, sanitize it (-;) and share the results with you all. We can then put it behind us and get on to more creative topics.

Still, it has been fun, and not without its lessons.

Eric Britton

PS. Several of the PRT defenders make the point that the nice thing about those small pods is that you do not have to share your trip with "other people". Am I a bit dim, or does that not have a very definite anti-social ring to it?


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