Britton on PRT: “He hasn’t a clue what should be done”

It is always interesting to have the benefit of people’s unvarnished views on your work and ethics. Here are a few by some who felt that I was being unfair to PRT and Pods.

And please believe me that was never my intention. I just wanted to have a discussion among informed peers based on the facts, starting with the Delhi proposal as indicated.  In this case it proved a bit difficult, but at the end of the day the informed peer position on PRT and Pods is: OK if you can find someone who wishes to build, operate and pay for them on their own turf e.g., airports, amusement parks, maybe some kind of connector on private land,). But not (a) in our cities, including of course Delhi, and (b) not please with the taxpayers’ money.

Is that so very unreasonable?

Background –

In brief:

1. From: Steve Raney <> writes:
Eric Britton, the Worldstreets survey author, is a green transportation advocate and a fan of a select few advanced technologies. I find him intellectually rigid when it comes to PRT. I would discredit any attempt by Britton to conduct a fair survey.
And I think it is fundamentally a BS idea to survey about a PRT application backed by a detailed study using a few teeny bits of explanation written by an anti-PRT guy.Britton isn’t interested in any detailed study that picks PRT as the favored alternative. On the Sustrans yahoo group, it was Britton who posted Ken Avidor stuff. That’s further discrediting in my book.

2. Jack Slade
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Eric is not part of the transportation solution, he is part of the problem. He hasn’t a clue what should be done, if it is more complicated than a bicycle, and ridicules everything that his little brain cannot cope with.

3. Dear Friends,

Please don’t forget to cast your vote and ask your friends to cast one in support of PRT here. It seems to be a biased discussion here and PRT will need your support.…

with warm regards

Sonal Ahuja , Director International Development,

CAPITA SYMONDS Technology Transport and Infrastructure

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