PRT proposal for Delhi convinces Chief Minister

Dear colleagues,

Here is how the World Streets poll results at look after less than 24 hours.

It’s an interesting spread, and we can clearly hear the voices of PRT proponents up top (bearing in mind that visitors are invited to indicate up to two items each. While most of the respondents contented themselves with a single entry, the PRT proponents were a bit more ambitious.

To me this already says a lot. Perhaps if you have not yet logged with your views, you may wish to do so now. Also please feel free to invite colleagues who are following or wish to follow these issues to join us.

Eric Britton

PRT for Delhi? Yes, No, I don’t know

Excellent idea. Do it now. 6.12% (3 votes)

Looks promising. Let’s give it serious study 4.08% (2 votes)

Hard to say at this point. Need more info before making a decision. 4.08% (2 votes)

Looks rather weak. Probably not a priority at this point. 0% (0 votes)

Too uncertain, too expensive, too slow and too marginal to make the needed contribution. 18.37% (9 votes)

You have to know the specifics of Delhi to have an informed view on this technology solution. 4.08% (2 votes)

Probably not for the Global South, but maybe a winner for other parts of the world. 6.12% (3 votes)

A bad idea for Delhi and most certainly a bad idea for any other city in the world 14.29% (7 votes)

Quite an old fashioned idea really. Looked bad if naively tempting in 1970, but looks simply stupid today 16.33% (8 votes)

This is a truly shameful, bizarre, irresponsible idea flaunted by interested parties and should be consigned to the trash heap if irresponsible ideas immediately. 16.33% (8 votes)

(Please read my comment that follows below.) 6.12% (3 votes)

Other: 4.08% (2 votes)

Total Votes: 49

n To record your vote go to


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