Peak Oil Policies, Cycling, adaptation and behavior change – An invitation to discuss

From: Bruce Robinson [] Sent: Sunday, 24 April, 2011 06:16

Dear Eric

Michael Yeates in Brisbane has suggested I contact you. I am going to Brussels, leaving today, to a Peak Oil Conference in Brussels, this week and I will have a few days free afterwards, between Brussels and Amsterdam (Schipol airport) where I am due to fly out on 8th May. My written paper, “Peak Oil Policy Options for Australia” and a quasi-current draft of my presentation are at the top of the ASPO-Australia website. My talk is on Friday 29th

I am focussing on the behaviour-change and social science options, not on techno-fixes like electric vehicles, nor on slow-moving variables like city form. These are important, but the behaviour-change options are rarely discussed.

I will have my folding bicycle with me, so I will be relatively mobile, with train/bike travel, and I am interested in why bicycle advocates generally do not take much notice about “Peak Oil” as a lever for bicycle advocacy, at least in Australia.

I am not sure if there is anyone you might know who may be interested to discuss the high probability of global oil shortages, and the adaptation options available to western societies.


Bruce Robinson
Convenor, ASPO-Australia
Australian Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas.

2 Barsden St,
Cottesloe WA 6011
Western Australia
61-8-9384-7409 mobile 0427 398 708


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