Bikes, Helmets and the Law

We had a good look at this one back in 2008 in the context of advising local government concerning the issue of requiring cyclists to wear helmets on the then-being considered public bike project.

We asked for the counsel of a number of international experts with backgrounds and contrasting views in this area, and this short report summarizes their information and recommendations. Still looks pretty good in 2011.

* Click here for report – Bikes, helmets and the law


One thought on “Bikes, Helmets and the Law

  1. Great that this has been re-posted because there are a lot of useful opinions and links inside it.

    My original comments from 2008 are on page 11. I am actually surprised I said that they should be required for 14 or 15 year olds. To clarify, I don’t that they should be required for anyone and that sub-adult helmet-wearing is for parents and their children to decide privately.

    So – perhaps obviously – I also have an objection to the logic of the conclusion that there should be an exemption for users of public bikes: Keeping in mind that I think there should be no “hard compulsion” – and I will get to “soft compulsion” in a sec. – it makes no sense for people going slow and upright to wear a helmet or not depending on whether or not they are riding a bike owned by a public bike operator.

    “Soft compulsion” is what promotion has become: So many national and local authorities, NGOs, other companies etc. promote helmets that it has become a paternalistic and often manipulative cacophony. People at orgs or publications are attacked if they show people without helmets etc. It is absurd.

    People on Facebook can see a Page I created specifically about Vancouver and the upcoming Velo-city Global to be held there next year. Click here.

    Looking back on the Wall on this Page you can find a lot more interesting links which in some cases update and complement the ones in the report.


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