Are the telework, telecommuting guys way behind the curve?

I have the feeling, but in all ignorance. . .  that the telework, telecommuting guys may be way behind the curve.

Proof of that would lie in the following trilogy:

1.     Have the promoters of telework, etc.  succeeded over the last couple of decades of making telemobility into something that has a critical place in the mobility mix of a substantial portion of the population of any country?

2.     How different are their recommendations and tools they are talking about and pushing today, from the mix of say a decade ago?

3.     What is the critical difference in 2011?

Not to be rude. Just asking. And hoping to be surprised.


Frère Jacques, frère Jacques,
Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?
Sonnez les matines! Sonnez les matines!
Din, dan, don. Din, dan, don


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