Velo-city “in” Sevilla: Introducing the online poster and abstract exhibition!!!

On Behalf Of Todd Edelman:

Do you miss the poster exhibition at Velo-city? Through 2007 Munich (or 2009 Brussels ?), Velo-city had a poster exhibition which served as a way to promote solutions, concepts, views and results which – for reasons of not being quite compelling enough and/or space limits, among others – could not be in the main programme of presentations and workshops. There were also comments to ECF staff that the poster sessions – a time to interact with poster-makers – were too rushed or chaotic, making it difficult for poster presenters to effectively communicate the content in their posters.


In summer 2010 there was a decision to not have a poster exhibition in Sevilla. While it is clear that the new and improved format of plenaries, presentations, question workshops, and round tables formally introduces a lot of new interactivity to sessions, it is also clear that a lot of good, controversial and/or perhaps not quite fully-formed proposals (abstracts) did not make it into the programme.

Another advantage to a poster exhibition – more specifically, one which would include abstracts both accepted and not, and there were over 250 submitted for Sevilla but only about 100 accepted – would be that it could serve as way to “be in two places at the same time”, i.e. to not have to be forced to choose between two sessions running simultaneously: You could attend one in person and then later on visit the poster exhibition of the other. Similarly, this would also able one to use a poster as a preview for a session happening later in the day or the week.

I proposed the above to Velo-city organizers (at ECF and in Sevilla, and also to ECF board members) but it was rejected, first as a Velo-city event and then as an independent one (with some cooperation from organizers to obtain contact info for people who sent in abstracts). (I have also proposed this for future Velo-city’s, but have not yet received a response and to the newly-forming Cycling Embassy of the Netherlands, just for Sevilla, but never heard back…)

Therefore I am happy to announce that I will co-ordinate a online poster and abstract exhibition! For both rejected and accepted abstracts!

It is very simple: Starting now (and running indefinitely) I will accept PDFs and JPEGs of both posters you would like to make or just the same accepted or rejected abstract you sent to the Velo-city organizers earlier this year. Read carefully: Starting this Tuesday 22 March, and updated daily until the end of the month, I will post a link for these on my blog. Include a very short summary, and I will include it on my blog along with the link. These will be viewable as downloads from a virtual hard drive, probably Dropbox. Alternatively, you may just send a link (and a summary) to your website if you prefer to post it or have it downloadable there.

The only abstracts or posters which will be rejected are those which are blatantly offensive for any reason. I will post everything automatically but people who offended me will be able to to appeal. All final decisions are mine and I take no responsibility for anything I will choose to post. The views expressed in the linked abstracts and poster are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect my views.

Please send abstracts and posters as PDFs or JPEGs (ideally smaller file sizes, please!) to edelman(at)

If you would like to make a financial contribution for this or have any other suggestions, questions or offers of assistance, please let me know.

See you in virtual Sevilla! (I will not be there.)

(Velo-city is a project of ECF and has nothing to do with this exhibition… at least not yet.)


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