New Energy Footprint of Cycling in Cities

Dear Angela and Esther,

In a conference like Velo-city there is a lot that things, concerns, themes, that tend to be largely the same from year to year. After all, it is a great and important cause and there is a great deal that needs to be done.

But is 2011 different? And if so, how is that and what does it mean for the future of cycling in cities?

Here’s one thought, as an example. In addition to all the other stuff we are seeing n the horizon of public bike systems, the continuing fight for more and better provision for safe biking in cities, uses of new media to support safer cycling, and one would hope more on slowing down all traffic and possibly the idea of more Street Code (code de la rue) projects, what is really different in 2011?

Well, it would be interesting to hear if anyone there is giving attention to the New Energy Footprint of Cycling in Cities. Thus far in 12011 we have already seen the beginning of two critical events and trends that can only increase, and almost surely dramatically. Much higher prices for fossil fuels. And the Great Questioning about the future of nuclear. Now these two events will, I am thinking, combine to create an entirely different energy environment, and this time no kidding.

Could tomorrow, 21 March 2011, possibly be the first day of the New Cycling Spring? And if so, what does that mean for all present in Seville and back home?

Just a thought. However you two decide to handle it, I am sure that you are going to have great interest from the readers of World Streets.

Thanks for you great teamwork.

Eric Britton

Angela van der Kloof 20 maart 2011 om 22:02

Hi Eric, a while ago you asked me to write about the round table session that I’ll lead next wednesday. And Esther offered to join me in this. Any input on what kind of text/pictures you would like to have will be useful. Thanks! Angela


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