Experimenting Public Bike Sharing In India

Dear Murali, Sudira, Pradeep and others on your team,

Thanks so much for writing and informing us about this great idea.

My colleagues at World Streets, India Streets and our informal but not inefficient World City Cycle group – http://www.WorldStreets.org , www.IndiaStreets.org, http://www.worldcitybike.org respectively — want to congratulate you all on your excellent concept of seeing how you can design, pull together and demonstrate a Simple Technology approach to bicycle sharing in Bangalore. It is my personal view that you are taking the problem/opportunity from the right end (sadly not all that often the case with PBS projects), and I am confident that if you work on this carefully enough something very useful is going to come out of it.

I truly believe that the Simple Technology approach is a great way to get into this challenge, and in fact some of us have been talking about it in an Indian context for more than a year now. We have come up with some ideas on exactly this topic that we would be pleased to share with you. And there are also teams working on this approach in Pune, Mumbai and possibly other places in your great country. I am sure that if you put your heads together with all these teams splendid results will follow — and I want you to know that our team at India Streets will be more than glad to lend a hand in getting the word out and drawing this to the attention of the public authorities and the general public.

We have found that, in addition to all the talking, thinking, and writing that we do in an attempt to better understand what might be good next steps in any given case, it is always a good idea to go our onto the streets of the city and take lots of pictures (and videos) of exactly what is happening, good, bad and indifferent. As an example, you may have some fun with a first set of street photographs from around the world that we are collecting here and sharing them with all who are interested – you can find the latest collection at http://tinyurl.com/ws-slides

Finally, here is a thought for you. What if you go out onto the streets of Bangalore and click, say, one hundred photos of bicycles and bicycle people on the streets in the city. Including the bike shops and repair and rental points, including the men sitting on the side of the street who are there to repair your tires or other mechanical problems you may have. I am sure that we would all learn a lot about problems, what works, what doesn’t, who the actors are, etc. from these images.

With great good luck and all the best for your fine initiative,

Eric Britton +331 7550 3788 • eric.britton • Skype newmobility

From: Murali H. R. [mailto:murali@gubbilabs.in]
Sent: Sunday, 20 March, 2011 08:22
To: eric britton
Cc: Sudhira HS; Pradeep B. V.
Subject: Experimenting Public Bike Sharing In India

Dear Sir,
This is Murali from Bangalore. We have started to work on a Public Bicycle Sharing System in India at the university of Bangalore.

Sir, We would like to have a quick review /strategy of our work so that we can get your precious advice and share our ideas with you.

To summarize :
1. We would like to build a platform for bike sharing , so that it can be used anywhere in the Indian City.
2. Run the experiment on a small scale and resolve all the processes – like renting/financing/insurance etc.
3. Train/Develop people and help them set up similar things across other cities.

please do visit our site.

Let us know when we can chat ?



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