World Telemobility Forum – An invitation

The first step in any viable new mobility strategy must be to find good ways NOT to take that step, but still somehow get what you need and aspire to.

There are basically three ways to make this happen.

The first is to forbid people to travel. Not such a good way I would say.

The second is to cut down on distances to be travelled through better land use planning and practice. Excellent, but it normally takes quite a bit of time

The third is to use technology to make that trip or to accomplish that objective. This brings us into the world of “telemobility”, which is pretty vast and covers many varieties of telework, telecommuting, teleconferencing, telemedicine, teleshopping and that long list goes on.

If this sort of thing interest you, it may be an efficient step to consider to come into the World Telemobility Forum that we have just set up as a Facebook Group to support focused exchanges and sharing in this area. You can find it at

And should you have any ideas about people or lists who might be interested it would be much appreciated if you could pass this on.

Thank you (and be at least a bit more telemobile),

Eric Britton



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