The Challenge of Social Spaces

Would you like to help with this?

I would love to see a map of a city, perhaps your city, which is color coded to show what we call "social space". Examples would include of course things like parks large and small, pedestrian zones, streets where traffic is so slow that people have the definite priority, bikeable streets and paths, recuperated public spaces, and other parts of the city in which people can meet, walk, talk, gawk, play, buy and sell, offer services, etc. freely and in safety.

The map could be lightly done and does not have to be authoritative. But is does have to give a fair idea of the state of these special spaces in your city.

I am working on this in support of an open program with the CfM team entitled The Challenge of Social Spaces, which I believe is taking some original approaches and ideas . It may not be enough to save the world or your city, but it is, I sincerely believe, a path worth pursuing. So thanks if you have any thoughts on this, and if you wish to see more, please get in touch.

Eric Britton

PS. There are of course public spaces which are not social spaces, for all sorts of reasons. Nor does anything keep me as a land owner from turning all or some part of the land I own into a genuine social space. (Brings up some interesting questions, like is a shopping mall really a social space? And others. Worth thinking about.)

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