For comment: Proposed expanded communications and tool set for Gatnet

For comment: Proposed expanded communications and tool set for Gatnet

Dear Gatnet Members, Sisters, and Brothers,

After years of trying to do contribute to our group on this, I have concluded that our gender/transport/equity group as it now stands with the Dgroups listserv at its core needs to greatly expand its communications and tool set. Unless we really pull together on this, we are destined to struggle on our own. The agenda is too important to overlook what might be useful tools and networking devices.

So rather than talk about it and wait, I spend last weekend working on a three part communications package that I know with your guidance and help will do the job for Gatnet. You can now see what we have thus far at:

a. Working draft for our collaborative journal at, with

b. Group Forum at Gatnet )

c. Supporting Facebook Group page at

I do not expect that this proposal will be unanimously welcome. This may at first glance seem lot a lot and complicated. It is neither once you start to put it to work. But if this is not the way, please tell us what is.

Does this approach work in practice? Sure does. We have developed it and put it to work daily over the last two years for World Streets – –where it does a sweet job with a very large reader group spanning some 70 countries. It is also doing the trick admirably for India Streets at So we are talking about a surprise free communications package.

The Gender/Transport agenda deserves better than what we have got today. Working together we could put this package to work for 00 dollars and 00 wait. If we want to.

Tell me what you think. We need to get together to make this happen. And if we don’t get them this time, well I will just go ahead and launch it anyway from here. The dogs will bark gut the caravan moves on. We have important work to do.

Best regards,

Eric Britton

PS. Once we have overcome the inevitable objections, it will be time to start to organize in order to find authors, topics, readers, editors, and various collaborators and supporters. But the first step is to try.



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