Letter to contact short list in support of 2011 World Streets program

Dear friends and colleagues,

In the opening months of each year I try to get to my personal shortlist a readable (??) summary of what we are up to here in Paris, almost all of which boils down to my work with our collaborative journal World Streets, and behind it the phalanx of projects, programs and groups that make up the New Mobility Agenda. This year to keep it short, I attach of our latest Weekly Summary as an introduction and overview to what is going on here, together with a few lines with our plans and hopes for 2011. If you wish to dig deeper, I can do no better than to point you to today’s lead article, which is entitled The State of World Streets: 2010, 2011 & your imagination and available here.
Now, let me tell you about our problem: The truth is that I am an execrable financial manager and so let me ask if I might rent your mind and imagination for a few minutes to see if you might provide some guidance as to how we will be able to continue our contribution in the year ahead. Here are my five questions, invitations to you.

1. Check out World Streets and if you like what you see sign on as a subscriber (subscription is free) – and once you get comfortable with us perhaps start to share your ideas for topics, articles, authors, programs, tools and other things that you would like to see developed in these pages. In short: share the wealth.

2. Provide financial support and/or guidance to help keep World Streets going in 2011. With our bare bones operating costs in the area of USD 5,000.00/month, you get an idea of the magnitude of our challenge. But don’t be shy, your contribution, large or small, is an important vote of support for all involved. For those who use it and can afford it please click here for details on how to make a donation.

3. Working partners and financial support: Our partners for moving the sustainable transport agenda from theory to practice are cities, public agencies, funded NGOs and associations. These key institutions with broad responsibilities to guide policy and investments in the fields of transport, environment, cities, energy, or climate can almost always benefit from better and efficient international information from the leading edge. Can you help us make contact with well-placed people and organizations that you have worked with or know?

4. Foundations: I sincerely believe that we qualify for the support of foundations, and also well-to-do individuals who share our sense of mission. So if you have a lead or know someone we can contact for discussions, please let us know. These kinds of contacts are not my strong suit, so your help here is critical.

5. Help organize joint projects in your city or country: If we are to be an active force in the move to more sustainable cities, we have to do more than act as a sit-behind-the-desk publisher. Indeed the nature of the challenge requires that we get into the field and work closely with people and organizations locally who share our concerns and values to organize: conferences, courses, public hearings, workshops, brainstorming sessions, master classes, debates, media appearances, and public events in support of the sustainable transport agenda. We do this well but we need people like you to help us make the local contacts to do this.
What we really need are ambassadors: people who understand the issues, appreciate the quality of what World Streets has to offer, and are ready to lend a hand. If that’s you it would be great if you could think about the challenges we face from time to time and when an idea come up let us hear from you. Because at the end of the day that is how good things happen. People talking to people about things that matter..

With all good wishes from a gray cold Paris (but still, it is Paris),

Eric Britton
| 8-10, rue Joseph Bara 75006 Paris. | +331 75503788. | eric.britton@newmobility.org | Skype: newmobility |


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