xTransit, Ridesharing and next steps?

I would like to ask you two questions about this xTransit forum. It is a bit of an anomaly to me, in that the topic is really of very high importance – at least it should be – but this forum has not proven very lively. But first . . .

1. Yesterday we set up a Facebook Group site for ridesharing which you can see at http://tinyurl.com/ws-rideshare. Since ridesharing is an important xTransit strategy, I thought you might wish to know about it, have a look and possibly join us if that’s a topic of interest for you. (You can see all of our World Transit work on the topic via http://worldstreets.wordpress.com/category/sharing/rideshare/ No doubt about it, these are going to be exciting times for ridesharing.

2. But what about us here at the xTransit Forum? What next? What about this? In order to inject some life and content into this forum, we make it also our forum for ridesharing? I continue to feel that our original definition of xTransit which we defined loosely like this still looks pretty valid:

· Lacking anything better and in an attempt to pull all this together in a coherent package, we have decided to call this “xTransit”. xTransit – the “third way” of transport in cities: getting people around in road vehicles, smaller than full sized buses, driven by real human beings, dynamically shared with others, and aided by state of the art communications technologies as the only way to offer “car like” mobility in most of our 21st century cities without killing the cities themselves (the old mobility way)

If you have any thoughts for me on this, it would be great to hear from you either via the group at xTransit or privately to the address you see on this mail.

Thanks, and don’t forget to drop[ into World Streets from time to time. It is a pretty good read.

With all good wishes,

Eric Britton


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