Gävle Sweden – champion of sustainable urban transport in Europe

This is a lovely video, and behind it is surly an even better story. But what exactly is that story? Who did what when to move that one Swedish town toward more sustainable transport?

It is this process and tough struggle that interests our readers in places like Pune, Peoria, Palcamayo or Perth. So if there is anyone out there who knows the working end of the Gävle story and might wish to work with us to share it with our readers, you will find an open line at World Streets.

Eric Britton

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As part of the award for the winner of the 2010 European Mobility Week Award, a video has been made for Gävle in Sweden to promote its achievements as a champion of sustainable urban transport in Europe. The video: http://mobilityweek.eu/Video-clip-for-Gavle-Sweden.html

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