Automobilisti in crisi di identità (The Motorist’s Identity Crisis)

It’s already 2011 and we one thing have learned in this still new century is that information only rarely travels in a straight line (think zigzagging internet routing packets). So let us offer to you today an article which appeared in our sister publication Nuova Mobilità on an iAutomobilisti in crisi di identitàdentity crisis which offers some deep clues to transport policy and practice (if we care to look). Now, the article to which you will be taken when you the “Continue reading” prompt just below is in Italian. No problem – after all it’s 2011. if you click here you are taken to a Google machine translation which is really not bad (good enough for us to use on many languages if we are curious about some interesting looking article or report that may not be available in English). At the end the article you can find a link to the original piece that appeared in Planetizen last week.

* * *  Read full Italian article in Nuova Mobilità


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