TISA/Carsharing 2011 status report

A quick reminder to start: This collaborative database looking at carsharing from a national perspective is a bit of a strange bird, but please don’t worry about it. We have a plan. Here is the data we are collecting for each as possible. Please have a look at the list of the countries for which the figures have not as yet been sent in. We look forward to hearing from you so that this joint project can serve you as well. (Again TISA is our planned PISA variant for sustainable transportation: Transport Index for Sustainability Assessment. Please get in touch if you wish to have more background on this ambitious project.)


Key carshare data:

1. Date first carshare project

2. # carshare cars (Current)

3. # carshare users

4. Cities offering service

5. Number of operators

6. Annual trend (best guess)

Background data that we already have for most entries:

1. Population

2. % obese

3. % urban

4. Household size

5. Land area

6. Price of gas at pump (older data, being updated where we can)

7. Mobile phones

8. GDP/Capita

9. HDI

Others we need a hand with:

1. Public roads (kms)

2. Total number cars

3. New car registrations (last available year)

4. Drivers licenses


· Austria

· Belgium

· Brazil

· Croatia

· Israel

· Italy

· Netherlands

· New Zealand

· Norway

· Singapore

· Spain

· Sweden

· Switzerland

· Turkey



· Argentina

· Finland

· France

· Ireland

· Japan

· UK


· Australia

· Canada

· China

· Denmark

· Germany

· Greece

· Hong Kong

· Iceland

· Korea, South

· Malaysia

· Poland

· Portugal

· Russia

· S. Africa

Finally, since this is a policy study which is aiming at making very specific recommendations to national and city government for supporting carsharing in more creative and ambitious ways, we are asking each of our correspondents to list briefly what they view as the most important support actions could be coming from either of those critical level of government. A couple of lines for each will be just fine.

Carsharing is an area of the New Mobility Agenda that combines entrepreneurship with partnerships. We intend to make this very clear.

Thanks. Look forward to hearing from you.

Eric Briton

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