“Carsharing is dead in France”

I intend to write a piece for World Streets in the coming several weeks under the title “Carsharing is dead in France”. The article will endeavor , with the aid of solid data and some good explanatory graphics and perhaps photos, provide an accurate, neutral and up to date view of the status of this new way of getting around in our cities here in the Hexagon.

The article and the database will cover both ‘conventional” and P2P carsharing operations in the country. The data content? Maybe something along the following lines.

· City

· Operator name


· Year of start-up

· Independent/Affiliated (and if so with whom)

· # vehicles

· # users (if available)

· Other?

My intention is to research and write this with a well placed French partner with real expertise in the sector. I would intend to draft the text and leave it up to my co-author to jump in with further ideas, changes, etc. So that when it is ready to roll, we are both happy with our collaboration.

It would be good if we could turn to some of those people who of late have been critical of the progress of carsharing in France, and, invite them to share their views with our readers. It is important to give a fully rounded view for our readers.

Stay tuned.

Eric Britton

PS. It would be great if this could be the first article to be published in our new but as yet still under construction project supporting sustainable transport in France and in Francophone countries, Les rues du Monde. (www.lesruesdumonde.org).


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