Thinking exercise (TISA and carsharing) – From Turkey

Paris, Friday, 31 December, 2010

Thanks Bugra. That’s great and as you say, from what we have at hand Turkey is at the top of the league as things stand today. (At the other end are your friends over in Turkmenistan who were at the time of that table paying $0.03/Liter for their gas.)

OF course all this is going to change quickly now as we are getting back into the world of $100+ for a barrel of oil. The pity is that the rise in prices will for the most part not be because we are at last ready to behave responsibly and make good use of powerful economic instruments, but because the market is giving us no choice.

In the event it will be good if we can continue to update these prices, so if you are anyone out there has latest figures on our carshare countries, this would surely be useful.

Kind regards,

Eric Britton

PS. In 2011 you will for the first time in Turkey be able to carshare in a new operation about to go into service in Istanbul. (And for anybody who might point out to me that Turkey’s main contribution to the world carshare scene is the Dolmus, what can I say but Touché and thanks!)

From: Bugra Ozcoban []
Sent: Friday, 31 December, 2010 08:43
To: eric britton
Subject: Re: [Cities-for-Mobility] Thinking exercise (TISA and carsharing)

Hello, I have recently joined this group. The price of unleaded gas in Turkey is around 3.91 Turkish Liras. That comes to around US $ 2.52 per litres. This makes us by far the priciest in the World I guess. Thanx to %60 State tax on gas in a %50 black market (tax evasion) economy. 

Bugra Ozcoban.

— On Thu, 12/30/10, eric britton <> wrote:

If one of the main decision factors for joining a carshare program is economic savings, would you expect some kind of positive correlation between carsharing and gas prices?

This little table taken from our in-process TISA carshare analysis reports some pretty ragged data from a jumble on international sources, few of which up to date for 2010. But still . . .

People who carshare drive, but drive a lot less. So, if you as a policy maker at the national level with a charge for sustainable transport, would you not (of course) want to set in motion a process of steady increase in fuel costs (with the needed compensations, etc. etc. ) AND expect that it will be just one more little nudge to favor more sustainable cars, i.e., carsharing.

Thanks for your comments.

And if you can give us the current $/liter figures for your country, we can factor them in to have a better table. Thanks again.

Eric Britton

TISA – Carsharing 101
Country (1) Price of gas
(US $/L***)
Argentina $1.75
Australia $1.34
Austria $1.34
Belgium $1.57
Brazil $1.51
Canada $0.95
China $0.66
Croatia $1.25
Denmark $1.66
Finland $1.74
France $1.62
Germany $1.49
Greece $1.18
Hong Kong
Iceland $1.72
Ireland $1.18
Israel $1.87
Italy $1.59
Japan $1.74
Korea, South $1.51
Malaysia $0.46
Netherlands $1.69
New Zealand $1.21
Norway * $1.26
Poland $1.25
Portugal $1.26
Russia $0.54
South Africa $0.82
Spain $1.20
Sweden $1.54
Switzerland $1.28
Turkey $1.44
UK $1.92
USA $0.77
SUM/AVE $1.34



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