Thinking exercise (TISA and carsharing)

If one of the main decision factors for joining a carshare program is economic savings, would you expect some kind of positive correlation between carsharing and gas prices?

This little table taken from our in-process TISA carshare analysis reports some pretty ragged data from a jumble on international sources, few of which up to date for 2010. But still . . .

People who carshare drive, but drive a lot less. So, if you as a policy maker at the national level with a charge for sustainable transport, would you not (of course) want to set in motion a process of steady increase in fuel costs (with the needed compensations, etc. etc. ) AND expect that it will be just one more little nudge to favor more sustainable cars, i.e., carsharing.

Thanks for your comments.

And if you can give us the current $/liter figures for your country, we can factor them in to have a better table. Thanks again.

Eric Britton

TISA – Carsharing 101
Country (1) Price of gas
(US $/L***)
Argentina $1.75
Australia $1.34
Austria $1.34
Belgium $1.57
Brazil $1.51
Canada $0.95
China $0.66
Croatia $1.25
Denmark $1.66
Finland $1.74
France $1.62
Germany $1.49
Greece $1.18
Hong Kong
Iceland $1.72
Ireland $1.18
Israel $1.87
Italy $1.59
Japan $1.74
Korea, South $1.51
Malaysia $0.46
Netherlands $1.69
New Zealand $1.21
Norway * $1.26
Poland $1.25
Portugal $1.26
Russia $0.54
South Africa $0.82
Spain $1.20
Sweden $1.54
Switzerland $1.28
Turkey $1.44
UK $1.92
USA $0.77
SUM/AVE $1.34

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