TISA – World Carshare table.


As you can see from the attached which id’s in bold letters those countries thus far reporting in, we are about half way there in our TISA analysis of the world of carsharing. For all of you who have thus far chipped in thanks – and I shall try not to take too much more of your time as we approach the finish line on this.

But if you are a carshare cognoscento in Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Japan, Portugal, Turkey or the UK, it will be great to hear from you. (I realize that the vacations have got in the way here, so please forgive me if I am pushing you on something that is already in your work plan.

And as you can imagine where this really gets interesting is where we start to inspect for ratios and trends. Bearing in mind that our bottom line is to stimulate policy makers at all levels of government to help them understand that carsharing is not a detail. And further, if they can get carsharing right, they will end up getting a lot of other things in the New Mobility Agenda right as well.

Thanks for chipping in.

World Carshare – Team work since 1998.

Eric Britton

TISA – carsharing – working-table-blank-28dec10.pdf


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