Dhaka city has its “own brain”.

On Behalf Of SAM Aminul Hoque
Sent: Friday, 24 December, 2010 02:24

Dhaka city has its “own brain”. Many transport system would not survive in most

of the other parts of the world but for Dhaka they are in operations. Traffic

are running there in a Mix traffic situation. Within Dhaka, the number of

transport mode in operation are not straight -like A) Bicycle & motorcycle, B)

Car, C) bus, D) Goods vehicle light & heavy E) Rail

(small occupancy -1to2 +/-persons)

1 Bicycle

2 Non-motorized (rickshaw three wheelers)

3 car, jeep, 4×4

4 Private taxi

5 Motor cycle

(medium occupancy -10 +/-persons)

6 Auto-rickshaw (Mishuk, CNG, etc.) –like private taxi (mostly three-wheels)

7 Tempo (8-10 passengers) vehicle mostly either three or four wheels

large occupancy -40-90+/- persons

8 single decker bus both Air-conditioned (AC) and non-AC,

9 double decker bus

10 Mini /midi bus both Air-conditioned (AC) and non-AC

Cargo & Goods

11 Non-motorized vehicle

12 Motorized Van & pick-ups

13 Medium and large Truck (HGV)

14 Plus Train (mostly inter-city travel

There might be more.

To me the subject above (on the subject of the mail) – I might be wrong

but sounds like vocal ‘stunt’ or News media ‘stunt’.

I fully agree with most of the authors about the demand for the new large scale

investment on Transport infra-structures as well as the supply chain logistics.

The critical thing is to have ‘sound’ and ‘stable’ transport policy mostly

involving Regulation and Bangladesh Road Transport Authority’s willingness to

implement that. How the City Authority would like to see the city in coming

years is a big question to all of us!

Making a comment is easy but in practice for Dhaka (with strong pressure groups

both political and business side in place) it is not easy to implement (agree

with Lloyd Wright & Jonathan). We are waiting to see few mega transport projects

within Dhaka and around in the pipe-line. For these pipe-line projects please

contact, Web: http://www.at-capital.com

I am hopeful to see better future within next five yrs.

Take care.

With kind regards,


Consultant Transport Planner for private company, UK


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