Beijing has become a city of the world

Subject: Leadership by example.

Dear Yan,

This is a particularly brilliant phrase you have chosen to stimulate those in BJ responsible for these decisions, and just the sort of thinking that we need to open the door to a great world-level transportation and mobility policy for Beijing. It will be very important that the city and national government understand that not only Beijing but the world needs new models of mobility — and I cannot think of any city in the world, or any country in the world, that is better prepared to move into a leadership position, if they can work out the policies and practices that will do the trick on their own streets.

An ability to learn from and the improve on the best policies and practices in leading cities and projects around the world is of course very important. This requires a broad and deep reach for the best ideas, analytic and research competence, and with it the mastery of the technical tools that we now have at our disposal. And for those responsible in Beijing and China the door is there and ready for all this. All they have to do is push it and it will open.

But words and even telling examples are not enough to get the whole job done. Mental images and symbols are important too, both for those directly involved and to communicate these ideas to the public who have to be directly involved in the process of creating a truly sustainable city. So the day that the leaders understand that ” Beijing has become a city of the world” is going to be a great day for us all indeed.

Let’s keep seeing what we can do to help them in their huge challenge. I look forward with real interest to reading the Chinese text of your communication to them.


Eric Britton

From: Yan Peng []
Sent: Friday, 24 December, 2010 03:32
Cc: Su Song; mingming liu
Subject: Re: [cai-asia] Thanks for your contribution on Beijing new measures drafted to ease congestion

Dear Eric

Thanks for your quick response. Yes we dd plan to circulate what we submitted to BJ with both English and Chinese and also upload them onto CAI-Asia portal eventually.

Now we will circulate the Chinese version first since you have advised so. Please note that we did this in a very quick time and might not capture all points within limited pages. The most important point is that we would like to encourage BJ Government official to continue open the door to the public, both Chinese and international, as Beijing has become city of the world, not only a city of China.

Merry Christmas


On Wed, Dec 22, 2010 at 8:33 PM, eric britton <eric.britton> wrote:

Paris, Wednesday, 22 December, 2010

Dear Mingming,

Thank you for the courtesy of your note just in.

I would be grateful to receive a copy of the report that you have sent to the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport (BMCT) based on our inputs. And I am sure that the others who took the time to input to your project would appreciate this as well.

It is not a problem if the report is in Chinese.

Looking forward to our future collaboration in the search for new sustainable mobility policies and solutions for Chinese cities. There is no more important challenge in the world.

Eric Britton

Managing Director

New Mobility Partnerships

From: mingming liu [mailto:mingming.liu]
Sent: Wednesday, 22 December, 2010 09:26
To: Clean Air Initiative — Asia
Cc: Gianina Panopio
Subject: [cai-asia] Thanks letter for your contribution on Beijing new measures drafted to ease congestion

Dear Colleagues,

We write this letter to thank you for your warmest and professional feedback on Beijing’s congestion solutions! Your comments on urban road planning, government cars limitation, parking management, public transport and BRT system, public bicycle solutions, TDM (including parking management, and congestion pricing), etc. are very valuable ideas to Beijing’s urban traffic solutions.

We have already packaged and forwarded most of your feedback to Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport (BMCT). We believe, with the consideration of Beijing’s local specific situation, that the BMCT will take some of your comments into their consideration and improve their current draft traffic plan accordingly. Thank you very much!

However, the comments on BMCT’s current draft traffic plan on congestion solutions is not our final effort. We will go on keeping eyes on China’s cities urban traffic congestion problems and trying to find solutions (or at least give suggestions). So we are always open for your ideas, comments, and discussions!

We thank you very much again for your great contribution on Beijing’s traffic congestion solutions. Thank you & Merry X’mas

Best Regards,

CAI-Asia China Project Office


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