Women, Transport and Equity – editorial function

Hello Nite,

Sorry but we need more than a coordinator for this special edition.

The editorial function requires that the person in that slot read, ponder and finally approve every article, every line. It is a real job, and requires as well that she dialogue with the authors to make sure that each piece is up to our high (self imposed) standard. So, it is not just a collection, but a formal Special Edition of the Journal of World Transport Policy and Practice. Ideally the editor will also write a final warp-up piece that takes on the job of putting the edition, including the story of how it came about, into the broader context of what concerns us all most: Women, Transport and Equity.

I would love to do it but simply do not have the time or budget. I really regret that.

And if that is not in the cards, let’s not give up. There may be other ways to go with a largely unedited "collection".

Now what?

Warm regards, Eric

From: Nite Tanzarn [mailto:tanzarn@yahoo.co.uk]
Sent: Monday, 20 December, 2010 07:41
To: eric britton
Subject: Re: Gender, Transport and Equity on WTPP

Hi Eric,
Great! Cannot think of a guest editor. Kate had volunteered to coordinate the process. Would she qualify as a guest editor?



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